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Which kit should I use?
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Supplemental Products
Dextran Assays
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With our dextran ELISA we offer the first comprehensive direct quantification assay for this molecule. View an infographic on our dextran ELISA. This ELISA is most useful for:
Sugar industry
Quality control of incoming cane/beets
In process testing for dextran contamination in mills and refineries

Food and Beverage Industry
Quality control of incoming sugar

For an illustration on the deteriorative impact of dextran on the sugar industry read this:
A short article about dextran and its effects on the sugar industry

Pharmaceutical Industry
Dextran has various uses in the pharmaceutical industry
Vaccine Industry – Dextran is added (chemically linked) to vaccines to induce a better immunological response.
Drug Industry - Dextran is added (chemically linked) to drugs to slow metabolism of the drug and thereby reduce the number of doses needed.

Sports Medicine – Dextran is used in athletic performance enhancement to cover up other drugs (such as erythropoietin). Dextran is now tested in the blood or urine of athletes and its presence disqualifies the athlete.

S-7500: Dextran ELISA for Buffer

a) detection range approximately 0.3 -100 µg/mL
b) molecular weights tested: this ELISA has been tested at 1.5, 10, 40, 70, 150, and 2000 kDa
c) Quick validation process for implementing in a new laboratory as the assay is an established commercial product
d) Only 50 µL sample material required
e) Complete analysis done in less than 1.5 hours

Product number: S-7500
Methodology: ELISA
Equipment: plate reader, absorbance 450nm
Specimen Requirement: buffer, sugar solutions
Sample Volume: 50 µL
Detection range: 0.3 to 100 µg/mL
Price: $875
Download Technical Data Sheet - Pharma | Download Technical Data Sheet - Sugar
Supplemental Products
K-7501: Dextran coated 96 well plate

Lifespan now offers 96 well K-7501 Dextran coated plates for convenient research.

Product number: K-7501
Price: $295
S-7510: Dextran Detector Enzyme Conjugate, HRP conjugated, liquid

Lifespan now offers its unique dextran detector enzyme conjugate that is HRP conjugated

Product number: S-7510
Quantity: 2.0 µg
Price: $450
K-1715: Dextran Standard in Purified Water

Lifespan now offers a 2 million molecular weight dextran standard in purified water for your convenient usage in our dextran ELISA. Each vial contains 1.8 mL of a 10,000 µg/mL solution; enough to make a full range standard curve.

Product number: K-1715
Price: $79
Download Technical Data Sheet
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